Hekotek AS

Hekotek 25 years
AS Hekotek is a mechanical engineering company founded in 1992; its main operations include design and production of woodworking technologies and facilities. The company was founded by Finnish specialists who had been for decades working in the field of wood processing. Due to their experience Hekotek has now grown into the largest manufacturer of sawmill and bio-energy sectors equipment in the Baltic region. Beside wood processing sector, Hekotek has also produced and delivered various installations and conveyors for other industrial sectors.

For several years already the turnover of Hekotek exceeds the level of 30 mln EUR. In spite of good results already achieved, we go further on the way of sustainable development.   

Currently Hekotek employs over 110 people. Hekotek activities in the basic export markets are strongly supported by the local representatives. When producing our equipment we cooperate with several reliable materials sub-suppliers.

Hekotek is located in Jüri - approximately 13 km away from the centre of Tallinn (15 minutes driving distance), in the close proximity of Tartu road and Tallinn traffic circle. It is about 8-minutes drive from Tallinn airport to the office of Hekotek. The production plant has over 5000 m² of manufacturing and storage space; the whole plant area making up approximately 6 hectares.

We produce and deliver equipment for most of the largest sawmills of the Baltic region, as well as to Finland, Sweden, Russia, Belorus, Poland and Germany. The furthest delivery destination for Hekotek has so far been Republic of South Africa, Argentina and Uruguay.

Today Hekotek is a part of Lifco Group – an international concern based on Swedish capital assets, which provides our customers with extra guarantees and confidence.