Hekotek - company of the Year 2016 in Estonia

Hekotek has been awarded the prestigious Estonian titles “Company of the Year 2016” and “The Exporter of the Year 2016”. Estonia’s President Kersti Kaljulaid handed over the awards to Hekotek CEO Heiki Einpaul at a ceremony in Tallinn last week.

The Best Estonian Enterprises awards event is organized by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to Fredrik Karlsson, CEO and President of Hekotek main owner Lifco group, the prestigious awards are important acknowledgments of the successful achievements by Hekotek management and employees. “One of the cornerstones of our Corporate philosophy is a highly decentralized organization where our subsidiaries have a high degree of independence. This is the foundation for the creation of an entrepreneurial spirit and the prestigious Estonian awards are also a confirmation of the strength of our Corporate philosophy”, - commented Mr. Karlsson.

“I am proud of what our team at Hekotek has achieved, - said Hekotek’s CEO Heiki Einpaul. - The awards will further increase our motivation and enhance our efforts to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations”.

Hekotek enterprise of year 2016