Various conveyor solutions for transporting logs to debarkers, sawlines, chippers, as well as for veneer industry.

  • One and two stages log decks with log separators ensuring one by one log feeding
  • One or two chain centering log conveyors, with different carrier shapes
  • Various log turning and orienting systems – compact log turners, curve conveyors (180° and 90°)

Technical characteristics of log feeding conveyors:

  • As a standard – for 80-600 mm diameter logs, special solutions for larger log diameters
  • As a standard – for 3-6.5 m long logs, special solutions for shorter (from 1.8 m) logs
  • Feeding line speed – up to 180 m/min
  • Capacity – over 5000 logs per shift (on the average, depending on the log length – over 20 fed and centered logs per minute)
  • Advanced log measuring systems with the function of log volume calculating; additional option – diameter-based log rejecting
  • Control based on Siemens processor and computer screen visualization, with various reports on the logs fed
  • Conveyors supporting structures made of strong steel