Boiler houses

Based on over 15 years experience we offer universal boiler houses solutions, specially designed for wood-processing enterprises, where wood wastes from planing and other value-adding processes are collected and used for heat production.

Major part of our solutions are fit the capacity range 0,5-5,0 MW, where we offer complex approach – from design and production to daily customer support.

Our technical solutions ensure efficient use of both wet wood-wastes (sawdust and woodchips, moisture content up to 50%) and dry wood-wastes from planing (shavings, polishing dust, sawdust, moisture content up to 30%). Solutions from Hekotek include boilers (heat exchangers) from leading Scandinavian producers, while Hekotek makes complex engineering design and produces automatic fuel feeding conveyors for boiler houses.

General and technical characteristics:

  • Boiler houses of 0,5 – 5 MW capacity
  • Fuel: wood wastes (chips and sawdust, moisture content up to 50 %, or shavings, sawdust and polishing dust, moisture content up to 30 %)
  • Different fuel feeding system solutions – from circular silo or from walking-floor fuel storage
  • Furnace options: moving bed or spreader
  • Furnace walls and air-channels design ensure steady burning and water vaporization
  • Requested temperature of hot water pipeline is regulated by automatics so that the temperature regime of the boiler water is undisturbed
  • Fully automatic, visualized control and monitoring system allows operate the boiler via computer network and does not require constant operator attendance

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