Log sorting lines

Hekotek log sorting lines are compatible with different log-treatment technologies and sawmilling systems.

  • As a standard – for 80-600 mm diameter logs, special solutions for larger log diameters
  • As a standard – for 3-6.2 m long logs, special solutions for shorter logs (from 2.0 m), as well as longer logs (up to 22 m), including cross cutting solutions
  • Sorting conveyor speed – up to 160 m/min
  • “Turn key” deliveries include operators’ working rooms, rooms for storage and container-type solutions for electrical and hydraulic centers
  • Waste handling conveyors and scrapes for collecting and transporting wastes and bark to storage place
  • Line capacity – up to 10 000 logs / shift (on the average over 20 logs/minute, top speed – up to 35 logs/minute); sorting volume – from 150 000 m3 logs / year
  • Sorting bins amount and type (one/two-sided) – according to customers’ requirements
  • Metal detectors and log measuring systems – according to customers’ preferences
  • Various reports to be printed or sent via computer network
  • Constructions made of strong steel
  • Technological solutions for extreme operating conditions – from Siberian winter to South Africa and Venezuela’s summers

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