Other conveyors

Various conveyors for logs, sawn timber and by-products handling.

For logs:

  • One or two chain conveyors with different carrier shapes for efficient log centering (for logs up to 800 mm diameter)
  • Solutions for feeding logs to conveyors that move sideways – multi-purpose log kickers of different shapes
  • Chain accumulating conveyors for logs

For sawn timber:

  • Multi-purpose belt conveyors of various widths and capacity
  • Accumulating conveyors for sawn timber
  • Board separators – technical solutions depending on line capacity and sawn timber specific features
  • Conveyors for transporting sawn timber packs sideways (chain guide conveyor) and lengthwise (roller conveyor)

For bark, wood chips, sawdust and wood wastes:

  • One and two chain scraper conveyors of various widths
  • Multi-purpose belt conveyors of various widths and capacity, according to the general technical solutions of the sawmill
  • Screw conveyors, diameter depending on the unit capacity
  • Walking floor feeding systems – for feeding chips, sawdust etc. to various industrial installations –  e.g. boilers, wood pellet mills
  • United solutions with sieves, chippers, shredders, metal detectors (magnets) and pneumatic transport

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