Pellet-burning boiler houses

Hekotek experience in the field of heat-power engineering includes about 20 years of successful deliveries of boiler houses, incl. deliveries to wood-working enterprises.

Wooden pellets have become a remarkable alternative to other fules existing due to the following:

  • low ash-content and high calorific efficiency;
  • easy and cost-effective transportation;
  • pellet-based heating power generating process can be fully automated.

We offer not only complex solutions for pellet-burning boiler houses, but a complex approach – from design and production to daily customer support. Solutions from Hekotek include boilers (heat exchangers) from leading Scandinavian producers, while Hekotek makes complex engineering design and produces automatic fuel feeding conveyors for boiler houses and fuel storage silos.

Pellet-burning boiler house delivery includes:

  • boilers – one or several, which can operate either one by one or simultaneously;
  • complete equipment set for the boiler house;
  • boiler house building, as requested by the customer (from just a steel structure to turn-key solution: steel structure + sandwich panels + roof). If requested, the boiler house complex equipment can be installed in the already existing building.

Any ready boiler house is first fully assembled in the workshop of Hekotek and then separated into largest possible modules for transportation to the customer. Due to that on-site assembly time is significantly reduced down to 2-3 weeks).

General and technical characteristics:

  • Boiler houses of 0,5 – 5 MW capacity
  • Fully automated solutions
  • Efficiency factor – 85-90%
  • Module structure – fast installation (during 2-3 weeks)
  • Requested temperature of hot water pipeline is regulated by automatics, so that the temperature regime of the boiler water is undisturbed
  • Automated control center of a boiler house;
  • Visualized control and monitoring system provided;
  • Internet connected. All the boiler house operation parameters incl. fuel reserve can be monitored via computer network and Internet. Constant operator attendance is not required.

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