Sawn timber sorting lines

Solutions depending on conveyors capacity:

  • Simpler conveyors with manual sorting possibility – up to 50 000 m3 of handled sawn timber per year (one-shift operation)
  • More complex conveyors fitted with horizontal or vertical sorting bins – up to 120 000 m3 of handled sawn timber per year (one-shift operation)

Technical characteristics of sorting conveyors:

  • For boards with dimensions from 15 mm (min. sideboards thickness) up to 100 mm (max. central boards thickness), from 60 mm (minimum sideboard width) up to 280 mm (max. central boards width)
  • As a standard – for 2.0-6.2 m long boards, special solutions available for shorter boards (from 1.2 m)
  • Moving speed of sawn timber on conveyor - up to 120 pcs/min
  • Control based on Siemens processor and computer screen visualization, with various reports on the material handled
  • Advanced measuring systems, automatic quality assessment systems integrated in conveyors
  • Conveyors’ supporting structures made of strong steel

Line standard configuration includes:

  • Belt conveyors for transporting boards to sorting line
  • Accumulating conveyors for sawn timber
  • Board separators and sorting units – technical solutions depending on the line capacity and timber specific features
  • Trimming saw that corrects sawn timber length, or end-trimming unit equipped with different modules, or special trimming system equipped with several sawblades
  • Sawn timber stacking and packaging plant – solutions both for stacking green sorted timber for further drying, as well as for packing dry (non-dried) timber for transportation
  • Conveyors for transporting sawn timber packs sideways (chain guide conveyor) and lengthwise (roller conveyor)
  • United solutions: with belt and scraper conveyors (for collecting and transporting wastes), chippers, strapping machines and pneumotransport (removing dust from conveyor)
  • Line automation system

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